Yes, You Can My Little One

A heartwarming story reveals many ways of creating a family 

Written by Kathy Quarles
Illustrated by Rosalia Destarisa
Photography by Rachel Acasio

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Kathy is a busy professional, wife, and mother of two wonderful little humans. She describes herself as “Passionate, creative, and motivated… a lover of big hugs, good wine, and dark chocolate!”

Her daughter, Ava, is an extraordinary girl with a rare chromosome disorder, Turner Syndrome (TS). TS only affects girls, and 99% of TS girls don’t survive to birth. Ava is the 1% that made it into this world and into Kathy’s arms.

Ava’s journey to having a family one day will be different than what is often considered ‘typical’. Kathy wanted her to know that there is more than one narrative on becoming a parent, and that each person will have a different experience and story.

Available in early January 2020!